Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Project 2 Week 1

 For my second project, I wanted to pick an indoor space with some narrative to the scene. I selected 3 images and talked to Nick about each. 

After talking about the pros and cons of each project, we decided the C was the most feasible and has the most identifiable shapes and such. It also gives a cool opportunity to try "Pixar" lighting.

The concept was done by Anastasiia Kupetz (

The assets I have for this project:

My schedule is as follows:

Week 1: (06/14 - 06/21) 

All assets in engine proxied, 1st pass of lighting and materials (simple)

Week 2: (06/22 - 06/28) 

High res completed, start retopo + UVs, continue to push lighting and materials

Week 3: (06/29 - 07/05) 

Bake textures, first pass of textures, materials pushed, dynamic effects added (any effects and swaying). 

Week 4: (07/05 - end) 

Final textures, feedback and adjustments.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Project 1 Week 4

 For this final week, I finished getting textures on my assets and continued to push lighting. I also did some additional set dressing. I also mad a new skysphere and played around with values on that.

Admittedly, I ran out of time and would have love to continue to dump hours into this piece, bu overal I am pretty happy with my result! I may continue to make some changes as I add it to my portfolio.

two weird things i want to fix: the clouds vanish whenever I play or simulate the buoyancy, also once buoyancy was introduced the edge foam stopped appearing on the left half of the river...

Friday, June 11, 2021

Labyrinth Summer Sprint 2 Contribute

 This sprint I committed to completing the textures for the branches, tree materials, rocks, and also revisiting the grass asset within our project. Below is what I scheduled for this sprint.

I began by finishing the sculpts for the fallen tree and tree stumps. I then retopoed them, baked them and textured them with a smart material I created for the trees. The first images are the sculpts in Zbrush and the following images are the textured assets in UE4.

Then I tweaked all the materials together in our bog scene to see how everything was working together.

I used dithering to help the blend between the different element as well as between the trees and the ground. 
No Dithering


I also finally got some textures on the stepping stones. I wanted to make them very specular so they appear "wet" after emerging from the water.

I also made materials for the rocks using the same smart material I did for the back wall.

I made some strides on the ground material. I still need to export the landscape and convert it to a static mesh, but that's for next sprint.

I also spent time making a new grass asset. I looked back at the film to see what their grass looked like and tried to create clumps that are similar.

I also fixed the movement with a vertex masks so that the bottoms of the grass would stay fixed with the ground.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Portfolio 1 Week 3

 This week I had a bit less time to work due to the later due date and being out sick for a day and a half, but I still feel confident that I can complete this project next week. I primarily worked pushing shapes, simple sculpts, and UVs so I can finish texturing. Since I did a lot of work on the front end for this project, I don't think my final display will take quite as long.

I spent a lot of time working on my River boat which is the sort of "hero" piece of this environment. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Portfolio 1 Week 2

 This week I spent a lot of time refining assets and adding any additional missing pieces.

I up-resed any needed pieces and got them in engine and pushed lighting closer to my reference.

A major task I did was sculpting my roof tiles and texturing + baking them so that I could create my hi-res roof textures.

I also created a projection blend for my brick material to set up the "bases"
It projects based on world alignment which gives me a lot more control of the bases for my modular buildings.

There are 2 weeks left in this project, and I will spend them accordingly

Week 3 - Sculpts and get textures and materials set up for all assets + continue to push lighting

Week 4 - Additional lighting, set dressing, polish

Friday, May 28, 2021

Labyrinth VR Summer Sprint 1

For the remainder of the Labyrinth VR project, I am responsible for the remainder of the Bog environment. This includes:
The Tree
Fallen Tree
Back Wall
Stepping Stones
and the landscape ground materials, which I am hoping to make a learning experience for more realistic materials in substance designer.

Here is my schedule for the next 2 sprints.
This sprint, I primarily worked on the tree, making higher res branches + roots, and the back wall.

The Tree was mostly redone to better represent something closer to the film.

 I found that it wouldn't really be possible to sculpt on the branches due to thin geometry, so I modeled a hi-poly model in Maya,. 

The Roots were mostly fine so I just upresed them and sculpted on them in ZBrush.

Last but not least, I did the back wall. I modeled simple "bricks" and duplicated them to build to main structure. I then only had to sculpt on a few bricks to get the final result.

I also made the lower wall and entrance as separate texture sets. they were sculpted in ZBrush and have a simple smart material for display.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Portfolio 1 Week 1

For my Portfolio 1 project, Nick signed off for me to work on a stylized modular environment. This week I spent a lot of time gathering reference, researching workflow, and begining to establish a pipeline to UE4 to build my scene.

My workflow is based on this project by Tobias Koepp. I had a call with him a while back about how to accomplish this type of project by breaking down to as few parts as possible and gaining the most mileage out of my pieces.

So far this is the progress I have been making on this project!

Seeing that I have a month to complete this project, I plan on finishing proxy + low res and starting hi-res this week, creating materials and repeatable textures next week, and finalizing the project on week 4, iterating on lighting and materials throughout the project. I plan on researching a workflow for multiple lighting scenarios for this project, but that is a stretch goal!

Week 1, Proxy and establish pipeline to UE4

Week 2,  Finish Proxy, Hi Res + Sculpt

Week 3, UVs + Textures

Week 4, Final Materials, Set Dressing and Textures

Monday, April 26, 2021

Module 4 - Environment Assets Final

This week I finished my contributions to the Starfish Island map. First I baked down my textures onto my rocks and combined the meshes into one substance file so that I could have a single set of textures to avoid complications. I created a smart material and was able to apply it across my rocks to find edges and add wear.

After I completed the rock set, I checked the colors with my team and moved foward with the shells as a bonus. I followed the same workflow. I hope to reduce the poly counts of these shells as the more complex shells (3, 4, $ 5) are over 6k polys after being remeshed in zBrush.